BRILLIANT, fantastic, modern. 

Just a few superlatives to describe the excellent work to our beautiful Market Place in Cirencester. 

Finally, after 41 years, we have started to adapt as all great towns need to.

I have read with horror, sadness and anger the constant complaining, carping and criticism of these works in your paper and letter pages. 

Something had to be done. 

All such changes are a compromise. 

It’s a shame we had to live through a building site, and take extra care, but the alternative was to close the Market Place for months. 

All over the world towns are undertaking similar regeneration work and the design and work in Cirencester is not unusual or unfamiliar. 

Co-share is OK, great compromise.

Visitors will not be fazed by this as they will take extra care when visiting new places.

Local and regular visitors just need to take more care until they get used to it. 

Please don’t tell me that the original Roman cobbles and uneven roads didn’t cause issues.

Already it is very clear how much the traffic and their speed has reduced. 

If you are struggling with only being able to turn right from Market Place into Gosditch Street then good, stop bringing your car into the town centre.

We just need to complete the job and pedestrianise Cricklade Street to stop cars and vans going down there.

While parking does remain a major problem I am sure we can find a few more spaces close to the town centre for disabled parking.

This should not distract from the great work already done to enhance the Capital of the Cotswolds.

South Cerney