I HAVE been prompted to write this letter by Megan Archer’s recent article concerning the planning application 14/02702/FUL, Claydon Pike Visitor Centre. (‘Residents have no appetite for diner,’ August 21) As a resident of Kempsford, and also a parish councillor, I echo the views expressed by Cllr Coakley: the current application is not compatible with the s.106 agreement and there is no recognition of the usual definition of a country park and visitor centre.

But there are broader issues here.

I fully appreciate the difficulties faced by the council where the costs of court appeals etc are concerned, but we simply cannot go on letting big money talk It is a dangerous precedent when there are already lakes waiting to be snapped up by developers, and more will be available as gravel extraction continues.

Our local elected representatives do what they can to aid us in the battle with our wealthy neighbours, but in the end we are all very much in the hands of the council officers, the planners and those with the powers to monitor and enforce.

The existing public right of way across the Coln Park estate has remained closed since the first closure order was granted.

The permissive path around the ‘new’ Bowmoor Sailing Lake, given to the local community under the s.106 agreement, is well used by local people, but we fear for its future.

Its existence was never advertised and there has never been any public signage, despite repeated requests from parish councils.

If one looks at the Lakes By Yoo website, the Bowmoor sailing club and lake is billed as a facility for lodge owners, and the path around the lake is presented as a cycle way for these people.

There is no mention anywhere of any access for members of the public.

In what feels rather like desperation by now, I appeal to local residents to stand up and be counted and to the powers that be to get a grip.