THREE tonnes of salt has been used to treat icy pavements throughout Cirencester.

Although Gloucestershire County Council are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of roads and pavements throughout the county, Cirencester Town Council (CTC) takes care of gritting of pavements in the town on its behalf.

CTC chief executive Andrew Tubb said council workers had been put treating major pavements and footpaths throughout the town since the snowfall began last week, including footbridges near the hospital and elsewhere.

“Our main priority is to try and assist people getting into the town centre,” he said.

“Obviously we can think about what’s happened and look at what we will do next year.

“We would always help where we can we would never turn around and say ‘that’s not our responsibility’.

“There are obviously concerns where the grit and salt doesn’t work effectively enough so we’ve been talking about starting a clear-up where we can.”

A GCC spokesman said CTC had been given one tonne of grit and had since bought a further two tonnes.