WHILE many in Gloucestershire were sheltering in the warm over the weekend, an army of dedicated workers were going the extra mile to make sure vulnerable residents across the county were taken care of.

The Gloucestershire Village and Community Agents scheme sees 38 part-time workers offer help and support to vulnerable residents.

The army of workers were out in force over the weekend following Friday’s snowfall checking on vulnerable residents, bringing them supplies and prescriptions and making sure they were keeping warm.

Village and community agent for Cirencester, Kemble and the surrounding area Lynn Saunders said she was impressed by how well people were prepared when the snow began to fall.

“Because they had so much warning people were very well prepared this time, unlike two years ago,” she said.

“Neighbours and people living around vulnerable people in Gloucestershire villages really look out for each other.”

The scheme is funded jointly by Gloucestershire County Council and the region’s NHS acts and has been running since October 2006.

North Cotswolds village and community agent Steve Whincup said people in the region were so well prepared his phone did not ring once over the weekend.

“These kinds of conditions are not unknown in this area so people are fairly hardy around here,” he said.

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