VILLAGERS in Chedworth have found themselves particularly badly hit by the snow in over the past few days.

Although the parish council has two salt spreaders which can be towed by a four-wheel drive vehicle – with a new one recently donated by village estate agents Cavendish Green – ward district councillor David Broad (Con, Chedworth) said no one had been able to volunteer to tow it.

“We’re not doing so well,” he said. “We’re pretty much snowed in – I’ve had a lot of people phone me up saying the can’t get out “There’s been no sign of Gloucestershire County Council gritters as they’re all out on the main routes.

“On the Fosseway it’s not so bad but as you get into the village it just gets worse and worse.”

He added problems had been exacerbated as the resident who drives the parish council’s JCB – and would have been able to operate the salt spreaders – had recently been banned from driving.

“The magistrates who banned him aren’t very popular around here at the moment,” he said.

“All we want is some joined-up thinking - I just feel like banging my head against the wall.”