LAST night’s snowfall has caused further disruption across the Cotswolds.

Many schools across Gloucestershire are closed again today and gritters have been out in force last night.

All roads in the county, expect Culver Hill in Amberley, are now open, although drivers are advised to avoid steep hills and higher ground where possible.

Although grit is available for treating pavements and roads, residents are asked not to use them for driveways or private use.

If a grit bin has been damaged or vandalised it can be reported by clicking here.

Village and Community Agents have also been out making sure residents over 50 are warm and well.

Information on Village and Community Agents and what areas they cover can be found here or by calling 01452 426 868.

Gloucestershire County Council has issued the following advice for keeping safe, warm and well throughout the cold weather:

  • Use blankets or rugs or wear a dressing gown and drink hot drinks to keep warm. If someone seems less with-it than usual advice is available from NHS Direct here or by calling 0845 46 47.
  • Make sure paths are cleared and salted.
  • Check elderly neighbours have enough food and mill.
  • Several layers of clothing are better than one thick layer.
  • People with heart or respiratory problems should stay indoors where possible.
  • Living rooms should be around 18-21 degrees and the rest of the house should be at a minimum of 16 degrees. Hot water bottles or electric blankets can also be used to keep warm – but not at the same time.
  • Portable gas heaters should be checked to make sure they are safe.
  • A supply of fuel should be kept within reach.
  • Many pharmacies offer a prescription collection service.

Any concerns about an older resident can be reported to GCC’s adult helpdesk on 01452 426 868.