PEOPLE with a record of antisocial behaviour and those without strong enough local connections will no longer qualify for social housing in Wiltshire following a review by the unitary authority.

In a report discussed at the Chippenham Area Board last week, head of strategic housing, Nicole Smith, said the Localism Act had given local authorities more freedom in deciding who should be housed.

Wiltshire Council, which handles around 2,000 applications a year, had taken the opportunity to review its policy and find out what residents wanted.

She said: “What came out from our review was primarily that people want local homes go to local people.”

They also wanted the best use to be made of housing stock because of high demand and they felt the system should reward those who had demonstrated they would make good tenants.

Her report says the new policy would give priority to those with a local connection while people who have “caused unacceptable behaviour enough to make them unsuitable as a prospective tenant, including those with rent arrears and those who have caused anti social behaviour” will be barred.

It is due to come into effect during the summer.