A BOGUS policeman and fake security officers stole cash and jewellery after targeting elderly victims in a series of burglaries in Sherston, Great Somerford and Hullavington.

Police have warned residents and neighbours to be on the alert following the four incidents on February 26.

In the first, two men wearing black woolly hats and scarves over their faces called at a man’s home in Anthony Close, Sherston between 7.30pm and 7.50pm claiming to be from a security company.

They told the victim they had caught a burglar and needed to check nothing had been stolen. After they left the victim discovered £200 cash had gone.

Around the same time a neighbour heard a noise in her home while she was watching television. The following day she saw her bedroom window was open and £400 cash was missing from a purse.

At 8.20pm another elderly victim found a man inside her home on Dauntsey Road.

He told her he was police and that a neighbour had been burgled. He left quickly, walking towards West Street crossroads. She later realised two gold rings had been stolen.

Then at 9pm a man at Green Close, Hullavington, found an intruder when he investigated a banging noise. He escorted him out and it is believed nothing was taken.

Wiltshire Police are linking the incidents. In a statement the force said: “On occasions where the intruder was disturbed by the victim, the suspect has stated that he is a police officer.

“Sadly, this is part of the distraction where the suspect is getting the victim to identify exactly where valuables are kept.”

Anyone with information can call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.