A JURY has been shown CCTV footage of how Tim Jennings was headbutted before falling and hitting his head on the pavement in the late night attack which led to his death.

Jake Hayward-Wright, 19, of The Green, Cirencester, began trial today accused of manslaughter for his part in the attack in Market Place Cirencester on June 27 last year. He denies manslaughter and spoke in court only to confirm his name.

Co-accused Jamie Legg, 18, of Foxes Bank Drive, Cirencester, pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter in December.

Tim Jennings, of Bibury, fell into a coma for several days after suffering brain damage.

His family agreed with doctors that his life support should be turned off several days later and he died on July 2.

The CCTV footage of the attack, which was shown several times at Bristol Crown Court today shows Mr Jennings, 25, talking to Jamie Legg at 1.49am on Saturday June 27.

Legg is seen to headbutt Mr Jennings who stumbles backwards. At this point Mr Hayward-Wright appears in the footage and appears to throw a punch at Mr Jennings.

Mr Hayward-Wright then appears to throw a punch at bystander Matthew Keepin, who was with Mr Jennings, before running off screen.

Prosecutor Robert Duval said: "It’s clear from the footage that Tim Jennings was trying his utmost to pacify Jamie Legg.

"It was at this point that Jake Hayward-Wright appears on the screen. These two young men without warning and without justification attacked Tim Jennings.

"The first blow was from Jamie Legg and was a headbutt. The blow rocked Mr Jennings backwards. The second blow was delivered by the defendant.

"It was delivered by his right hand, his fist was clenched and it appears to have landed on the facial area of Tim Jennings."

The trial continues.