BLUE Peter presenter Helen Skelton has conquered the South Pole and set a new world record – with help from a Cirencester company.

Helen took part in the 500-mile trek for BBC Sport Relief and set a new world record by completing a 100km kite ski in seven hours 28 minutes.

Poole Keynes-based adventure company Extreme World Races provided logistical support for the six-week expedition, in which the 40-person team faced temperatures as low as –45C.

The company’s operations manager Andy Harvey paid tribute to Helen’s hard work in reaching the goal.

“It all went fantastically,” he said.

“She is a wonderful lady and the BBC were wonderful too.

“We provided a fleet of trucks which are tailor-made for this environment and can pretty much go anywhere, so it mostly went off without a hitch.”

A doctor from Cirencester also took part in the expedition, and was on hand to treat frostbite, broken bones and pneumonia.

This was just the latest in a series of treks undertaken by Dr Ian Davies of Premier Medical Group Surgery in Rendcome, having previously been involved in an expedition to the North Pole with Top Gear.

“The trip was fantastic, Helen showed such strength and determination throughout and it was great to raise money for charity along the way,” he added.

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