THE world’s tallest mountain was no match for Cirencester’s Des Moore who has returned from climbing the enormous Mount Everest.

Des, who is a retained firefighter, returned to the Cotswolds on Monday, April 7 having spent nearly three weeks trekking to Mount Everest’s Base Camp.

“It was pretty amazing to be honest and quite surreal at the same time,” said Des, whose climb raised more than £3,000 for the Fire Fighters Charity.

“You are standing there at 17,000ft, looking up at the mountain and thinking that it just keeps on going up and up.”

Having flown out to the Himalayas on Friday, March 21, Des spent the first three days of his expedition sightseeing in Kathmandu.

With good weather on his side, Des and the rest of his team began to scale the mountain while trying to keep the impending altitude sickness at bay.

“We all suffered with it a little bit,” said Des, who admitted before he left that the altitude sickness was his biggest worry.

“You can’t prepare for it, you just have to try and be as fit as possible. We were having to drink around seven litres of water every day to hold it off.”

Increased water intake can ease altitude sickness by replacing the body’s fluids that are lost through heavier breathing in the thin and dry air.

The trip also had a poignant side as Des chose to scatter some of his later mother’s ashes on one of the mountain’s massive glaciers.

“She was a massive supporter of my journey,” said Des. “It would probably be too cold in Nepal for her but I know she would have appreciated it.”

The epic climb also raised £3,100 for the Fire Fighters Charity, a cause extremely close to retained fireman Des.

He said: “The charity is to the fire service what the Royal British Legion is to the armed forces. They help out injured firefighters but also offer support to families when a firefighter dies.”

Speaking to the Standard upon his return to Cirencester, Des described the last few weeks as “the chance of a lifetime”.

He said: “It was a massive achievement and I’d do it all over again just to see the views one more time.”