A HAIRDRESSER cut her way free from a Fairford salon on New Years Eve to celebrate the end of almost 50 years of service.

Pauline Jury has worked as a hairdresser at Mister Ernest in Fairford Market Place for 46 years, starting when she was just 15.

On New Year’s Eve 2013 she decided to put down her scissors and start afresh, ready for 2014.

A surprise was arranged by Mister Ernest owners Joe and Sandra Cusack who tied a sign across the door reading 'sorry you're leaving' so the unsuspecting hairdresser had to cut her way out after her last client.

“Some friends and family came over for a drink after I’d finished on New Year’s Eve and thought it was hilarious that I should cut my way free,” said Pauline.

Pauline admits she has seen a lot of change over the years working at Mister Ernest but said she will miss the company more than anything else.

“I’ll miss my clients and my colleagues. I had so many regulars. I was very lucky indeed to be working there.”

The 62-year-old is leaving to focus on other commitments, including caring for her elderly mother and her old dog.

“I cut the hair of my last ever client on New Year’s Eve. This year felt like a good year to go as Joe and Sandra have now been there for 20 years. I’m happy I’ve given them 20 years of my service,” continued Pauline.

Sandra Cusack said Pauline was a popular and well-known member of the community.

“We will all miss her loads, everyone loved her. It’s so sad to see her go and it was a privilege to work with her,” she said.

“I remember one client once said that if she could bottle Pauline’s laugh she would, she had an amazing laugh.”