WHAT better way to grab the attention of government ministers but with a 12-foot polar bear called Boris in the centre of London’s Sloane Square?

That is exactly what Meysey Hampton sculptor Adam Binder has done to help raise the profile of a campaign to abolish the slaughter and international trade of the endangered species.

Adam’s bronze sculpture, which weighs around 700kg and is the same size as the largest recorded polar bear, was unveiled last month with the support of polar explorer Jim McNeill and London mayor Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson.

The stunt has helped to convince UK leaders to pledge support for a ban on polar bears’ valuable body parts being sold to international buyers at a meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) next month.

While it may be big and blonde, Adam said the polar bear was not named after London mayor Boris Johnson but actually after the Aurora Borealis, known as the northern lights, because he is on his hind legs looking skywards.

"People are awe-inspired by how big polar bears can get given the opportunity. Seeing him on his hind legs reminds us what majestic beasts they are," he said. "And we need to protect them."

The award-winning artist is now hopeful that a group or individual will come forward to give Boris a new home and continue to raise awareness of the plight of the species.

"He cost an awful lot to produce, so I’m hopeful to get a buyer," he said. "But I won’t melt him down - worst comes to worst he’ll be in my garden."

Register support for polar bears at ice-warrior.com/polar-bear-campaign For more information on Adam’s work and contact details, visit adambindereditions.com