FOUR shops in the Cotswolds have been fined for selling alcohol to a child.

Gloucestershire police carried out an operation in Cirencester, Tetbury, Lechlade, Siddington and South Cerney on Monday December 17 to ensure shops were not allowing the sale of alcohol to under-age children.

A 15-year-old boy attempted to buy alcohol from 11 shops, and was served in four.

In each instance, the member of staff who served the boy was interviewed and issued with an £80 fine.

Gloucestershire police Sergeant Garrett Gloyn said selling alcohol to under-18s is known to contribute to anti-social behaviour.

“Alcohol consumption by under-18s can have serious health implications and it can leave the person extremely vulnerable,” he said.

“Shopkeepers and licensees have a responsibility to ensure that they are asking for ID and not serving under-age drinkers.

“I will be writing to those shops that passed the test to inform them that they passed the test and thank them and their staff for the diligence in not servicing our test purchaser”.