SIX new fishing cabins are set to be built at a lake near South Cerney.

As the application falls within the designated ‘quiet zone’ of Cotswold Water Park, planning officers at Cotswold District Council had recommended the application by Cherry Lakes Ltd to build four one-bedroom fishing cabins at the lake off Wildmoorway Lane, South Cerney be refused.

Planning officer Helen Donnelly said the one-bedroom cabins were “more than we would expect from fishing cabins”.

Cllr Sheila Jeffrey (Com, Bourton-on--the-Water) said she believed it was important the ‘quiet zone’ restrictions remained in force.

“It’s so peaceful and I think it should go untouched,” she said.

Cllr Susan Coakley (Ind, Kempsford-Lechlade) said she was concerned about the impact of people staying at the cabins.

“I would absolutely favour fishing shelters but not individual cabins,” she said.

Water Park ward Cllr Juliet Layton (Lib Dem, Water Park) said she was initially against the application but supported the principle of a small, local business being allowed to start up in the area.

“We have already given permission to Watermark to build holiday homes, shouldn’t we do this for individuals too?” she said. Cllr Margaret Rickman (Lib Dem, Chesterton) agreed, saying: “I do think this should be encouraged.

“For once with an application I really can say: ‘where’s the harm?’”

The application was permitted by a narrow margin of seven votes to six.