DANGEROUS drivers who are putting children’s lives at risk by speeding through a Cirencester estate have prompted the local community to take action.

Parents and community leaders in Chesterton have been incensed that the estate is not included in a 20mph scheme introduced last year to cover large parts of Cirencester.

In total, 42 roads including Trinity Road, Gloucester Street and Watermoor Road saw speed limits reduced from 30mph to 20mph with some also benefiting from new traffic calming measures.

Gloucestershire County Council said the scheme would improve road safety along the routes, but critics in Chesterton slammed the move as exclusive, claiming road safety in their ward was not a priority for council chiefs.

Prominent notices and A3-sized posters will now be popping up on waste bins and lampposts across Chesterton.

Town councillor for the area Roly Hughes said he was not only concerned for children in his ward, but also vulnerable people.

"For too long we’ve had to worry about our children and elderly family and neighbours with disabilities," he said.

"The speeding that's going on has been getting worse. I think someone needs to act and as town councillor it’s my duty."

He has been given permission to put the posters up across the ward and has enlisted the support of parents as well as Chesterton Primary School.

Worried parent Jackie Burns, 34, of Chesterton Lane, said: "I do not let my kids out unsupervised and I don’t know what I’m going to do as summer gets nearer because they’re not safe with the boy racers and motorbikers. They’re out of control."

Highways manager Scott Macaulay Lowe said inappropriate speed was a real concern to many and the authority had taken some steps to tackle it. "We recently extended the existing 20mph zone within Cirencester. Chesterton, being just outside the centre, was not included," he explained.

"We have already narrowed a section of the road to help reduce traffic speeds and improve pedestrian crossing safety."

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