TWO brothers from Cirencester are lending a helping hand to people who are struggling with the taxman.

Matt and Chris Boyle of The Maples, Chesterton, said they were frustrated with the difficulty in letting HM Revenue and Customs know about change of personal circumstances and have developed a website to make the process easier.

The ‘tell HMRC’ website allows the user to enter their details, which are then submitted to HMRC without having to wait in long telephone cues.

The website also provides proof that information has been submitted, leaving a paper trail through which users can track their claims and notifications.

Matt said that, while the HMRC website has lots of information, finding how to report change in circumstances is very difficult.

“We did not want a website which has fantastic colours and pictures, but one which gives the relevant information in a way which ordinary non-computer people can easily understand, he added.

The tell HMRC website is free to use and can be found at