VOLUNTEERS at a rescue centre in the Cotswolds are busy hand-rearing their first ever baby otter.

Staff at the Oak and Furrows Rescue Centre, in Somerford Keynes, said a man had been walking on land in Compton Abdale when he came across the baby otter crying for food.

The otter, which measures 14 inches from nose to tail, seemed to be orphaned so the passer-by brought it into the centre where volunteer Katia Whitfield is caring for it.

"The man found the otter and it was crying and ran up to him for food," said Katia.

"This is the first otter that we have had here before and we’re quite sure that it’s a girl."

Volunteers are currently getting tips and advice from staff at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset, which cares for orphaned animals.

Katia added that the baby otter would be hand reared until it was able to be released into the wild.