A SCHOOL for children with special needs in Fairford has sown the seeds for its very own nursery business.

Since receiving funding for a new greenhouse, pupils at Coln House School have been able to produce high quality organic plants which are now available for sale to the local community.

Helena Griffiths, higher learning teaching assistant at Coln House School explained: “We had funding for a new greenhouse and that has allowed us to grow a lot more plants. Our head gardener found a demand for the plants outside of the school. They are all organically grown vegetables and flowers.

Horticultural therapy is very important at the school. “It is great for the children because it is very hands on. It gives them a sense of worth that they are growing and nurturing something,” said Mrs Griffiths.

Head gardener Cliff Taylor said: “Since getting our new greenhouse we are able to grow all our plants from seedlings. We have seen a good local demand, especially for vegetable plants.”

The garden acts as an outdoor classroom for students. Mr Taylor said: “It’s a relaxing place for the children to come if they are having problems in the classroom.”

Pupils at the school have also used their gardening talents to produce flowers for the tubs in Fairford marketplace, growing blue and yellow flowers for the Girlguiding Association centenary.

Celia Page, a governor at the school is a supporter of the school’s gardening endeavours. She said: “A lot of the pupils have their own gardens and are growing vegetables and flowers. For children who have had a really rough start in life something like learning to enjoy the value of gardening, both for learning a useful skill for employability and also for therapeutic purposes is marvellous.”