STAFF at a Cirencester bar have been dealing with a different kind of spirit and are now calling in paranormal experts to investigate.

Since taking over The Marlborough in Cirencester, manager Ben Corfield and his staff have experienced all manner of ghostly goings-on.

They are convinced the place is haunted and are bringing in a team of ghostbusters to rid the old building of any evil spirits. Chef Ally Neal said: "Glasses have jumped from shelves and when I’m upstairs in the kitchen I can hear footsteps coming up the stairwell but when I look nobody is there.

"I often feel like there is somebody at the kitchen door and when I look round there is nothing but sometimes I think I see a shadow."

The team are appealing for any local information on the history of the old pub in Sheep Street before the investigators arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Manager Mr Corfield said: "I am very sceptical about things like this. There is still work to be done on the bar but I’m not doing it in there on my own."

• FLOATING orbs, sudden temperature changes and TVs mysteriously switching on and off have dumbfounded staff at a North Cotswolds pub.

Staff at Moreton's Pub and Restaurant say at Salford Hill the strange occurances have happpened ever since a car smashed through the front of the premises on December 13.

Manager David Hayto has now called in a team from the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society who will spend a night at the pub next month to investigate. The eam will record things that go bump in the night as well as changes in the electro-magnetic field.