A CYCLE track running from Fairford to Lechlade could be opened along the disused railway line between the two towns.

The East Cotswolds Strategic Partnership has begun working on the plan which, if successful, would enable Farmor's School pupils to cycle to school every day from Lechlade.

The long-abandoned railway line is now overgrown and ownership of the land along the track is divided between several farmers and sustainable transport charity Sustrans which supports the idea.

Martin Harwood, a member of the partnership, was keen to stress that the project is still in its infancy.

"Most off the track is fenced off and it is overgrown. It's like going through the jungle.

"It would enable schoolchildren at Farmor's to cycle there from Lechlade. At the moment the A417 is too dangerous for children to cycle down.

"We might be able to get grants to get the project off the ground but we don't even know yet if it will be feasible. We hope it will come to something."

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