A FINNISH railway carriage will be making its way to the Goods Shed in Tetbury.

The carriage, donated by Leicestershire County Council, will be transported from Snibston Discovery Park to Tetbury.

It is 60 feet long and two feet wider than a conventional British Rail carriage.  Ensuring that it can get under all the motorway bridges on the way and manoeuvred into position on a railway track behind the Goods Shed has been a challenge.

The carriage is due to arrive in Tetbury around 11am, coming up and over Bath Bridge, across Market Place, and then down Cirencester Road through the Long Term Car Park, before settling behind the Goods Shed.

The Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust has been busy over the last couple of weeks preparing the land to ensure the carriage will fit.

Once the carriage is in place, half of the carriage will be converted into a café space and the other half into a workshop.

The interior is in good condition but the outside will need some work. Will Cook and Grayham Cleaver will be organising the restoration work. Anyone interested in helping is welcome.