PEOPLE in Cirencester have been naming their favourite spots in the town.

The nominations poured in when new Wilts and Gloucestershire Standards editor John Wilson posted a picture of St John's Hospital Chantry, in Spitalgate Lane, on Facebook, and wrote of how he was enjoying admiring the town's buildings.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

St John's Hospital Chantry. By John Wilson

This is how people responded:

1. Christopher James: I love the house next door to your office where my wife was born and spent a happy childhood with her mother, your former proof reader. The house has so many memories of the family. My father-in-law used to run a tailoring workshop from there, and at his funeral nearly all the men had suits and or coats made by him, including the editor of the time.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Looking across the fields to the church. By Stacey McLaughlin

2. Stacey McLaughlin: The Tar Barrow by the cricket club is my favourite place, especially at this time of year, about 4pm, looking across the fields to the church. Just beautiful!

3. Cara Elkin: I too love the Abbey Grounds. I love seeing what birds are on the lake. I also love all the beautiful old buildings and imagining who lived in them and the lives they led.

4. Mari Jane Simms: Watermoor church and grounds are so lovely. And the sound of the bells – I so miss that sound when I'm away!

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Abbey Grounds. By Paul Skuse

5. Paul Skuse: Has to be the Abbey Grounds.

6. Becky Cullen: Cecily Hill, the Parish Church, the Market Place, Black Jack Street, the beautiful grounds of Stratton School and our open-air pool are some of my favourites.

7. Clare Phillips: I live in the very beautiful Black Jack Street. It makes me smile every day to live here. The Abbey Grounds and Cirencester are both very beautiful and you can't beat blowing away the cobwebs walking round then. Cirencester is a very special place to live.

8. Pauline Hughes: We have numerous special places in Cirencester, but I think the town on the whole is a wonderful place to live, especially when the only criticism seems to be about traffic! Yes, we are very lucky.

9. Dawn Witt: The walk into town to/from the station, either via the river and past the outdoor pool or via Gloucester Road and Dollar Street.

10. Daisy Alban-Jones: I love driving in to Cirencester from the Daglingworth A417, turning, coming along Gloucester Road and seeing the church and the mist over the town. Then a lovely walk with the dog through the Abbey Grounds to work on Black Jack Street.

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