IT IS worrying to hear of the reckless driving from motorists near Minety who are using The Common as a rat run following the closure of Braydon Road.

With one car clocked at 85mph and a person having been taken to hospital after being injured, residents are justifiably concerned.

It is quite understandable that drivers wouldn’t want to take the signposted diversion, which could add an extra 30 minutes onto their journey as they would have to go via Malmesbury.

But The Common is a minor country road that is subsiding at places and it is important that motorists drive to the conditions.

Minety has been beset by problems with speeding drivers and this is only adding to it.

Campaigners are calling for the police and Wiltshire Council to do more to stop this happening, especially while Braydon Road remains closed.

A police constable will be at the next parish council meeting and all concerned residents should go along to help voice their concerns on the issue.