UNHAPPY customers say they have been left in the dark, after a well-established Cirencester menswear shop closed down without warning.

David Soar and Martin Trowell are just two of the customers demanding answers from Pakeman Catto & Carter, which had been a fixture in the Market Place for more than 150 years.

Both have outstanding orders but are fearing the worst after last week’s sudden closure.

David will be officially sworn in as captain of Cirencester Golf Club for the next 12 months in December and had paid Pakeman’s to supply and embroider a new blazer costing £175.

Meanwhile, Martin is awaiting a £99.50 pair of trousers, which were out of stock when he visited the shop, but he paid for a pair in-store and was told they would be delivered to him.

However, Pakeman’s shut down last week with no warning to the likes of David and Martin and they have been left wondering where they stand.

Martin, from Wantage in Oxfordshire, said he is a long-standing customer of 40 years, and is “very unhappy” with the situation.

The money paid by David covered the purchase of the blazer and work done to embroider the club badge and captain’s banner, which was due to be finished earlier this month.

“I was only in there the week before it closed and was told they would check on the situation with my jacket,” he said.

“Three days later I get told by another member that it’s shut. I have contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau to try and find out who the liquidators are, if indeed it has gone into liquidation. To see if I can get the blazer back,” said David, 72 and from Fairford.

“Somewhere, there is a blazer with a captain’s badge on it, that’s no use to anyone else. It’s not about the money because I can just get the credit card company to sort it, but it’s just the inconvenience.

“I have now got six weeks left to find a company to do the work before my initiation, which is very irritating.”

The golf club have been using Pakeman’s for years to supply and embroider their club blazers, according to David.

He said there was no notice in the window and the website has been taken down.

A man, who did not wish to be named, said he saw the shop being emptied last Wednesday.

“They got a van and emptied the whole thing,” he said. “I thought they were refurbishing, but no, the whole thing was just emptied.

"I thought they were doing alright but maybe it’s just a sign of the times in Cirencester. Somebody who’s been here for 150 years and suddenly gone bust,” he added.

Companies House still lists J.H. Pakeman & Sons Ltd as active. The store’s directors were contacted but had not provided a comment at the time of going to press.