SHOPKEEPERS in Tetbury are supporting a call by a town councillor for CCTV cameras to be installed in the town centre.

Town councillor Sandra Ball is hoping to carry forward a proposal to have several cameras installed along the Long Street and Church Street in Tetbury after several recent shop crimes.

During a town council meeting on Monday, September 25, Cllr Ball said during a discussion about a police report: “I did have a chat with a few of the businesses and they are desperate for CCTV. You do not see police. I think a lot of businesses would feel a lot more comfortable.”

During the July and August months, there were six incidents of burglary in the town, compared to four in the same period last year.

Overall, there were 28 substantiated crimes, an increase from 23 the previous year.

In August, frame makers Eight Bells Gallery in Church Street had its door damaged, though nothing was taken from the shop. On the same night, a shop window in Long Street was also broken.

Earlier that week, burglars broke into Longfield charity shop in Long Street and made off with a safe containing nearly £600. A front window and a locked internal door was damaged.

There was also an attempted break-in at an antique shop in Long Street in May, and a burglary took place at Taylor Black Antique Jewellery in Market Place in June last year.

Cllr Ball told the Standard: “My thoughts were that because of the slight drop in coverage from police, the crime rate does seem to have gone up a bit.

“It is something I will be pursuing and carrying forward to the full council meeting so we can budget for next year.

"I know shops have had issues with shoplifting and they have a good Shop Watch service. But if we also had people on CCTV, we’ve got that added chance of tracking them and getting a good description of them."

After the break-in at the Eight Bells Gallery in August, the shop installed internal cameras and Harriet Wallington (pictured below), partner at the shop, said that external cameras in the high street would help.

She said: “With that incident, the suspect parked their car down the road, so it would be good for police to use CCTV to identify them."

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Shop owner of Filly’s clothing store in Church Street, Sue Ferguson, admitted that she felt “a bit vulnerable” in the town centre.

She said: “There is quite a lot of vandalism and several break-ins. We never see police.

“In most of the shops, we only have one of us in at a time. We have Shop Watch, but you have to be able to get to the phone.

“I have had shoplifting here. With CCTV, at least if you were not sure, you could look at the camera and see. I think it would help all of us and may deter people. The deterrent part is the main thing.”

Owner of Henrietta’s House toy shop Lauren Neale explained that her shop also had CCTV cameras installed after a theft several years ago stole £150 worth of dresses and cardigans and left her “out of pocket”.

She explained: “There was a persistent thief several years ago, that is why we have cameras.

“I do think we are very vulnerable at the moment. Shopkeepers have said that since we have no bank, thieves and burglars know there is money in the shop because there is no where to leave it."

CCTV cameras are currently installed in Cirencester and Lechlade town centres.

Town mayor confirmed that the town council are due to receive a report from consultants about "the best location for the cameras, what cameras to use and how much it will cost".

A statement by Tetbury Town Council wrote: "The council recognises that CCTV within the town centre will give members of the public the reassurance that they can go about their daily business with confidence.

"It gives members of the business community added security and sends a clear message to those engaged in crime or anti-social behaviour that they will be caught and will be prosecuted."

The town council will be applying for the the Police and Crime Commissioner's Fund for 50 percent match funding towards the costs of CCTV system.

To do so, it will have to provide evidence that the community supports the installation of CCTV within the town centre.

Therefore, TTC are asking members of the community to complete a survey by October 25: