WHY a thief would target a charity shop just to make off with £70 is beyond anyone’s understanding.

We hope that police will soon be able to identify the heartless robber who left two workers injured during the shop raid in Cirencester last Wednesday afternoon.

It is also saddening to hear from a volunteer that theft of goods from the charity shop has been a ‘regular occurrence’.

But customers at the shop have been very supportive, showing staff and volunteers that people do care about the work that they do.

Police have described the robber as being a white young man, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, and of medium build. He had short mousy brown hair which was neatly combed, blue eyes, and he was wearing a grey hooded jacket, which had shiny material and a red motif on the front.

Anyone who knows who this man is has a duty to contact the police immediately.