A RESIDENT has hit out at a coach company after their mother was unable to park by Tesco Extra in Cirencester due to a coach parked over two spaces. 

A photo showing a Denwell minibus taking up two parking spaces and the car door zone of a third parking space was sent to the Standard.

The resident said that as a result of the minibus, their mother was unable to park in a disabled space close to the store on the evening of August 9. 

According to the resident, their mother watched as the driver of the minibus entered another car and left the site.

The resident said: "Clearly the coach company have no regards for disabled people, this picture I would hope would show the disregard for disabled people trying to use the store.

"Why would they park and then leave the site, surely this is also illegal for parking such a large vehicle on a retail park too?"

Marty Newman, of Denwell Coaches Ltd, said: “We frown upon any illegal parking that takes place and brings us into disrepute. I will deal with the individual concerned following our disciplinary guidelines.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to any disabled user.”