I AM writing in desperation regarding parking in Cirencester.

I am 84 years old, a disabled driver, have lived round Cirencester for 30 years and I lived in Chester Street for some time.

The heart has been taken out of the town. Tubbs and his merry men should go. All the Market Place is good for now is kids on skateboards.
I now do not come into Cirencester as there is no parking for disabled - two slots outside the museum, one of which is taken up always by a green car.

Cricklade Street is a road to be used, not a pavement. There are no residents in the Market Place end, only the bottom end. I always parked there, why not? I can now not get to Boots or any other shops - they are all losing business.

Why can’t you let disabled motorists park in Cricklade Street, it’s doing no harm - please, please?

I don’t know if I can park in the Market Place without paying (no sign on machine). Where do we go? We have lost our disabled parking in the top end of Market Place.

The Market Place end of Castle Street is now one way - why not make those new bays disabled. Do you not want us in your town?

It’s an absolute disgrace. Please, please help.

It’s a very good idea to have this (ROMP). Malcolm Gilmore, thank goodness, is a Conservative, perhaps he will talk some sense into these stupid Liberal councillors of Cirencester and Gloucestershire.

I have shopping to do and money to spend coming into Cirencester for a coffee. Please let me come back and be able to park. Like a lot of other disabled drivers I want to but can’t walk miles from the car parks.


PS: The pavements are a joke!