EARLIER this year I turned the corner into Lawrence Road, Cirencester, to find myself walking behind two RAU students, identifiable by their haughty, arrogant bearing and loutish behaviour.

They were followed by two gun dogs, one unleashed (illegal in these surroundings) and dropping excrement on the pavement while it walked along. Neither student cleared up the mess.

What on earth are these students doing living on Chesterton estate? Why is Lord Bathurst buying up the properties here for them? He knows full well that these houses were specifically built for working class families, not for the well-off, privileged upper-class students, each with a car or Land Rover and no intention of walking the quarter-mile to the university, thus adding to pollution and climate change.

This is an outrage and a blatant attempt to wipe out working class history. It is an insult to the brave former First World War and Second World War soldiers who worked hard to build homes, determined that they should not suffer again the ignominy that followed the First World War when there was no housing, no employment, no health-care or education for those families who had given so very much during the First World War.