CIRENCESTER Kingshill School pupils attended a Chemistry session at Cirencester College.

70 Year 10 Chemistry pupils from Kingshill School joined a morning of chemical analysis where they determined the concentration of an acid using titration equipment.

Sixth form students acted as guides and mentors for the day.

Theresa Clark, science teacher at Kingshill said: “This sort of collaboration with Cirencester College is of enormous value in helping advance our pupils’ learning.

"It gave Kingshill pupils an insight into studying Chemistry at A-level at Cirencester which will help them decide what they want to do after school.”

George Rees Williams, a Year 10 pupil at Cirencester Kingshill School said: "Our day at College was well spent, the Science facilities were great and the student ambassadors were very helpful."

Noah White also commented: “The teachers were very good and made the lesson very interesting.”