A BAR at a Cirencester hotel is unable to sell alcohol due to an administration error.

The Kings Head’s main bar is currently unable to serve alcohol, and it is not yet known when the ban will be lifted.

The restriction is believed to have been put in place on Monday, June 12.

However, customers can still be served from the hotel’s upstairs bar which overlooks the roof terrace.

A spokeswoman for the Market Place hotel said: “We can confirm that The Kings Head’s licence to sell alcohol in part of the hotel has lapsed due to an administrative error.

“The Assembly Rooms Bar is open during the times that the main bar is unable to serve and it is envisaged that normal service will be resumed shortly.” 

Tim Spittles, general manager, said: “We look forward to welcoming guests to the Assembly Room and roof terrace, which is especially popular with this wonderful weather Cirencester is enjoying.”