THE Chesterton saga continues. 

The town council’s planning committee is today due to discuss a report which concludes that the extra traffic generated by the development would not severely affect areas to the south and east.

Cotswold District and Gloucestershire County Councils ordered the report due to concerns over the impact on the likes of Siddington, South Cerney and Ewen.

It is difficult to understand how anyone could say that 2,320 extra homes will not drastically impact the surrounding areas – if you consider that each new household will likely have at least one car.

Surely, it largely depends on where those residents work and which direction they travel in when leaving home?

The report will do little to ease the concerns of those who live in and around Chesterton Farm, where Bathurst Development Ltd hopes to build the new estate.

It just rubs more salt in the wounds, because the main impact will be on Chesterton itself, and those who live there.