MANY people in Cirencester long for a cinema to be built in the town. 

As part of a proposed retail complex in Brewery Court, the cinema would help revitalise the town; bringing in more visitors and shoppers and giving residents, particularly younger ones, something to do.

So it is certainly good news that developer Wildmoor is once again in talks about plans for a cinema in Cirencester.

But it is also unsurprising that some residents and business owners harbour doubts about whether or not the cinema will ever be built.

Plans for the development are now long overdue, with the expiration of its planning consent, granted almost three years ago, looming ahead.

There have been repeated delays in construction and in November last year, Everyman Media Group, which was due to operate the cinema, pulled out of the deal. 

Film fans have been forced to wait patiently and have become disheartened, but maybe this story is one with a happy ending.