RESIDENTS in Malmesbury have been left shocked by the ram raid attack on the town’s Waitrose supermarket.

In the early hours of Easter Monday, seven suspects drove three cars to the store.

They then smashed the large window before wrapping a long chain around the ATM machine, ripping it out of place and making off with the large sum of cash that was inside.

A crime like this is hard to comprehend at the best of times but what makes this particular incident feel so much worse is that it was carried out during the Easter holiday.

Easter is traditionally a time when people are taught to come together and celebrate the good in the world.

Monday’s attack brought out some of the worst behaviour that humans can display.

It was a very well thought through break-in designed to steal money for selfish gain.

Yet through it all the best of human spirit was seen as staff were praised on social media for their resolve in getting the shop open again for trade the next day.