VILLAGERS unhappy about a proposed 15-metre mobile phone pole near Chedworth Village Hall are hoping to negotiate a new location for the structure.

As part of a national roll-out to improve connectivity in the country, telephone company CTIL will be building a phone pole in the village.

But villagers were unhappy about the location of the pole at a narrow road and at the entrance of the village, saying that it would harm the appearance of the village.

In an announcement for an emergency meeting with residents, the parish council also said they were unhappy with the limited time of 14 days they were given to comment before a planning application would be submitted.

The parish council are now offering an alternative spot on their field, known as ‘Diggers’ land.

The new location will mean that the huge structure will be shielded by trees and will provide better coverage in the village.

Chedworth Parish Council chairman Ros James said explained: “The initial location is a very narrow country lane. We didn’t like the idea. It was close to a couple of houses and it was at the entrance to the village.

“So we negotiated. We’re delighted that they have agreed to consider this site and hopefully to move the location of the pole because we feel it has less impact on houses and on the AONB.

“CTIL have agreed and are now looking into it.

“It’s quite an innovative thing the parish council has done.

“In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to have mobile phone poles at all. What we want to do is make the best of a bad job and try to be proactive.”