A PENSIONER who had his beloved yellow car damaged for allegedly spoiling the view was "overwhelmed" by the show of support as one hundred yellow cars passed through Bibury over the weekend.

Peter and his beloved car made national headlines after his Corsa was vandalised outside his cottage in Bibury in January.

The banana-coloured car previously caused a social media storm in 2015 as tourists said it spoiled their photos of Arlington Row in Bibury.

But after the bright yellow car was targeted by vandals, hundreds of people showed their support for the pensioner and a 100-strong Yellow Car Convoy took place on Saturday.

Yellow cars from across the country took off from Cotswold Wildlife Park, passed through Bibury and finished at the park.

Organiser Matty Bee, a yellow car lover and a car valeter from Coventry, said it was "a celebration of anything yellow".

He added: "It was an amazing day! The support was incredible and the villagers turned out in numbers.

"Peter was smiling all day and the Butterfly Garden raised lots of money."

Mr Maddox, who watched the convoy as it drove past his cottage, said he was "overwhelmed" by the show of support. 

Vauxhall also showed their support for the pensioner as they renamed their fleet of yellow Corsas to 'Maddox Yellow' in the run-up to the event

Since the incident, Peter has bought a new 'Satin Steel' grey Corsa with the help of his local Vauxhall dealership, The Baylis Group.

Donate to Peter’s charity here.