TWO love birds in the Cotswolds will be celebrating 67 years together as husband and wife.

On their 67th wedding anniversary on Saturday, March 25, Chedworth couple Margaret, 86, and Frank Scrivens, 89, will be able to celebrate spending one more year together after a near tragedy last year.

The couple, who have lived in the village for 33 years, were nearly separated in February last year after Frank suffered from a stomach ulcer caused by cancer.

According to Margaret, Frank survived because he happened to be in hospital. She was told by doctors that if he had been home, he would have been dead.

Margaret, a former shop worker from Colesbourne, and Frank, a former agricultural worker from Poole Keynes, met when they were just 17 and 20 years of age.

Despite a hazy recollection, the couple said that they met from socials and country dances in Colesbourne.

“She was easy going,” Frank said of his first impression of her.

But the Chedworth couple did remember the no-frills wedding proposal that brought them together.

“We were in Cheltenham. He put a ring on my finger and that was it,” Margaret said.

“We did not have any money so it did not matter. Everything was simple. There was no celebration.”

The pair led a frugal life after they were married on March 25, 1950, aged 19 and 22. 

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

They fondly recalled the time they bought their first car in 1952, an Austin 7, which cost them £35.

Margaret said: “It was beautiful with all leather seats.

“If we wanted anything, we saved up first. We bought things only if we could pay for it.”

Some of the other moments spent together including their skydiving adventures and the times when Margaret would come along to see Frank throw darts. 

Reflecting on the 67 years, Margaret said: “There has been ups and downs. The most important thing in marriage is acceptance of the other person and helping each other out.

“Over the years, there have been very many special moments, too many memories to mention.”

When asked how it felt to be married for 67 years, Frank joked: “Terrible.

“We have been together for a long time and we have ups and downs but we just made up and got up together.

“You look after me, I look after you. It’s a 50-50 relationship.”

Margaret and Frank have one son, who is in his 60s and lives in Scotland with his wife. They also have a granddaughter in her 30s, who lives with her husband and two young sons.

The two said they will not be doing anything special on the day of their anniversary but may go for a meal in Cirencester if the weather is good. Their son and his wife will however be visiting in April to celebrate.

Margaret said: “For the years we have spent together, we are happy. We are still in love.”