METAL thieves have targeted Gloucestershire Police’s new cell block twice in three days, stealing copper from the site.

A spokesman for the police confirmed that a small amount of copper was stolen in two burglaries from the new building between August 15 and 16.

He added: "At no point was any sensitive information at risk since the building is still not in use and contains no police information of any kind."

The 50 cell custody building has cost £12.5million and is being built opposite the police headquarters in Gloucester.

It is expected to be finished by November 2014, allowing the constabulary to replace the existing cells in Stroud.

Police stressed that the building is still in the hands of the contractor, that the costs of the incident were not being paid by the police and that the project will not be delayed at all.

Police are currently working with the contractor to investigate thefts.

Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to phone 101 quoting Incident Numbers 237 of August 18 and 94 of August 21 and Crime Number 19094/14.