CROWDS were out in full force to enjoy the Phoenix Festival in Cirencester yesterday.

The event which is taking place in the Abbey Grounds today and tomorrow saw an exciting line of bands perform such as Cirencester OpusWeed and Danish/German act band  Miracle Masters, who headlined the festival.

Lucy Cordrey, one of the organisers and owner of Corinium Ales which is selling beer at the event,said she though the festival had improved from last year.

She said: “It is a really nice festival this year.It has been a lot of work and to see it like it makes it seem worth all the hard work.

“It is fantastic to see the Abbey Grounds being used in this way. It is such a beautiful space. Once a year to see it being used in this way is great.”

“I hope people can see how it has progressed from last year.”

Those that attended sang the praises of the volunteer run event.

Antoinette Moorby, whose daughter Jenni Moorby performed with the Cirencester dance act CCDA at the event, said: “It is really brilliant. I think this year I think the organisers have done a brilliant job. There is something for everybody.”

Full report to follow.