A FLOCK of sheep trotted into a Siddington cul-de-sac yesterday morning and trimmed the neighbourhood’s hedges and gardens before being rounded up.

Residents of North Hill Road called the police at 6.50am and two officers arrived to corral the lost animals as cars were parked across driveways and sheep were shooed from front gardens.

After calling several shepherds the owner was found and he drove from Andoversford to herd the ewes back into their field.

To allow people to leave for work the sheep were driven into one house’s garden while confused locals looked on with cups of tea in hand.

One resident said: “I was woken from my slumbers to hear 'baaaa baaa baaa'.”

"There was quite a scene on the street. It was hilarious really and it certainly got everyone out in their pyjamas!"

"It was shear coincidence that they didn't make their way into Cirencester."

The flock of ewes did leave something for residents to remember them by but were otherwise very clean having recently been shorn.

The shepherd returned with a water bowser and shovels shortly after and cleaned up the mess the sheep had left in the road and in gardens.

Cotswold District Council also sent a team to clean the street and the road was left clean and well grazed despite the bizarre morning.

It is not clear how the sheep escaped but a resident who wished to remain anonymous urged people to remember the countryside code and to shut gates found left open.