CHIEF Constable of Wiltshire Police Pat Geenty and Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson have both completed ice bucket challenges after being nominated.

Both challenges were posted to the Police and Crime Commissioners Facebook page earlier today.

The challenge was created to raise awareness and funds for motor neurone disease and has been taken by celebrities, groups and individuals all over the world, raising over $50million for research into the condition.

Angus’ challenge involved him dumping a large bucket of ice water over his own head while the Chief Constable’s challenge saw him soaked with six buckets of water from various willing volunteers.

Pat started his challenge by saying that he had donated £25 to both the MND Association and UK COPs to avoid the challenge before a police van appears behind him with Angus, the one who nominated him, bearing the first bucket.

When Pat received the news of his nomination he said “I was more than happy to accept the challenge and getting soaking wet for a few minutes to raise money for two fantastic charities was well worth it.”

The Chief Constable nominated the Deputy Chief Constable Mike Veale, Assistant Chief Constable Kier Pritchard and his staff officer Nicky Davey for the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Click here to see Angus' challenge and then click here to see Pat's challenge.