A CROWD of office workers were drenched with icy water for a good cause in Cirencester this week.

The staff members of Havas EHS who took the ice bucket challenge were joined by their managing director David Williams, who nobly rescheduled his afternoon massage to fit in the challenge.

Designed to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as motor neurone disease, the challenge has been taken by celebrities, groups and individuals all over the world and has raised over $50million for research into the condition.

In their challenge video David nominates several other businesses, including Cirencester’s own Neon Play, before the assembled team is soaked from above.

When asked how they felt after the challenge the answer most common response from recently doused members of staff was: “Cold!”

After towelling off David joked: “I’m really pleased with the response. I didn’t have to pressure them too much!”

“We wanted to make sure that we had more people than our London office doing this. It’s just to show that Cirencester has got substance.”

The Cirencester branch was nominated by the company’s London office, who also posted their video online.

David added: “It should be noted that their senior management wasn’t there. It was a poor showing really.”

To view the Cirencester branch’s challenge click here.