OWNERS of a grocery shop in Cricklade are considering taking legal action against the town council because they claim the drainage system of a neighbouring car park is causing repeated flooding at their business.

The garage at C and R Family Grocers on the High Street floods when there is a heavy downpour, resulting in shop fittings and tools being destroyed.

Joint owner Celia Ryman believes the drainage system of the nearby car park, controlled by the town council, is to blame because the flooding has happened since it opened in 2011.

And she wants the council’s help to solve the problem.

But after consulting with drainage experts at Wiltshire Council, the town council has denied the drainage system is at fault and has said the issue will not be taken any further unless a claim for damages is made.

A disappointed Mrs Ryman said: “We wanted to work with the council to find a solution and look at rectifying the damaged area. But if they want us to go down another route then we will have to.

“It is a great deal of inconvenience.

“My husband has a problem with leg ulcers and when he is trying to gain access to his car he often gets his bandages wet and that could risk infection.”

She explained that during heavy rain, water spurts out of the ground at the back of her property, causing the garage and its surrounding area to flood.

Mrs Ryman believed water was flowing underneath the car park, down a slope and between a layer of clay and gravel.

She explained that installing more drains at the end of the car park would rectify the problem.

Cricklade Town Council said that there is nothing they can do to help the shop with the matter and take no responsibility for flooding.

Town clerk Charlotte Rogers-Jones, said: “It is one resident that has raised an issue.

“A professional team of engineers and our insurance company have looked at it.

“There is nothing we can do. There are no grounds for a claim.”

She added that the only way the council would look at the issue again was if the firm lodged a small claim for flood damage compensation.

She said: “If she makes a small claim it will go back to our insurance company.”