SOUTH Cerney Parish Council is sending out a reminder that the composting site in the villager is for residents’ use only.

The announcement was made at the South Cerney Parish Council meeting on Wednesday August 13 after it was revealed that contractors were illegally using the site on Upper Up.

Chairman of the parish council, Mike Stuart explained that earlier this month the manager of the site had spotted contractors dropping off hedge trimmings at the site.

Mike said: “He told them you cannot do that and they said yes we can, this is our mother’s hedge trimmings and we are tax payers.

“Rather than argue he said come with me and took them to to the compost area but told them that this was the only time that they could do it.”

He added that the composting site manager took down the registration plate of the contractor's vehicle and passed the details to the district council and the police to ask for their help in stopping it happening again.

Councillor Peter Jay said: “It is very clear it is not for commercial use. Wherever they come from, wherever they live, they need to know this is not the thing. That is the point”