AFTER taking part on Saturday I can see why organisers of Tough Mudder describe it as “probably the toughest event on the planet,” writes Brendan McFadden.

It wasn’t easy to pluck up the courage to do what was required to get though some of the obstacles, such as leaping into a dumpster full of ice and running through live wires but, fuelled by determination and adrenaline, the Standard’s team, and thousands of others, managed it.

The obstacles were exciting and challenging – some made you wince and shudder, while others were great fun.

What is great about Tough Mudder is that, unlike marathons and other obstacle courses, it isn’t about the individual, it is only by working as a team that you can make it through.

The Pyramid Scheme obstacle is a prime example of how we worked together. We had to make our way up an almost vertical ramp. It was only by climbing a pyramid made out of our bodies that we made it to the summit.

On Monday, members of the team made it into work sore but satisfied and contemplating taking on the Tough Mudder challenge one more time.