A CAMPAIGN to reduce the speed limit on a stretch of road near Somerford Keynes has received backing from the Cotswold Water Park Trust.

Robert Hoy, a popular sailing instructor at Waterland Outdoor Pursuits on Spratsgate Lane, died last month when his car collided with another as he turned into the centre.

Staff from Waterland believe Robert’s death could have been avoided if the speed limit on the stretch of road near Waterland was reduced from 60mph to 30mph and have called for Gloucestershire County Council to change it.

The Standard joined forces with Waterland and launched a campaign this month to call for the speed limit to be reduced and is now getting support from the CWPT.

Ben Welbourne, the CWPT’s biodiversity and estates manager agrees that the speed limit needs to be reduced and that other measures to slow traffic should be implemented.

He said: “I suspect that the solution of reducing the speed limit will not solve the problem in its entirety, as such a move relies on regular enforcement, so I would like to see a more robust approach to traffic calming alongside a reduction to 30mph from the junction with the Spine Road all the way north to the turning into Somerford Keynes. I would also suggest some sort of physical barrier along the road verges be installed, such as bollards, to stop people parking dangerously and illegally as well as reducing visibility.

“Having worked in the Cotswold Water Park for seven years, and initially having been based on Spratsgate Lane at Keynes Country Park, now Cotswold Country Park and Beach, I have witnessed innumerable instances of excess speed, dangerous parking and reckless driving along this stretch of the public highway. That said, even driving within the current national speed limit on this road is simply too fast, especially considering the leisure use and presence of children and families at the adjacent lakes, as well as those trying to navigate around the wider Cotswold Water Park on bicycles. Why the speed limit has not been reduced before now is unfathomable.

“Whilst it is admirable that Waterland is leading the campaign, it is foolish that more people do not support it because there is much more weight in numbers.”

During the period 2004 to 2013 there have been three serious injury collisions and three slight injury collisions on Spratsgate Lane.

If you would like to join the CWPT and support this campaign then contact the leader of the county council Mark Hawthorne via his mark.hawthorne@gloucestershire.gov.uk email address and ask him to reduce the speed limit.