A WATERSPORTS centre believes forthcoming construction work on land adjacent to the Cotswold Country Park and Beach could make a stretch of road even more hazardous to drivers.

The application by Moreton C Cullimore Ltd and Cotswold Water Park Society Ltd was passed last month.

Additional access and replacement parking for the Cotswold Country Park and Beach on Spratsgate Lane will be created through the work.

As part of the work, gravel would be extracted from the site which is a made up of a mixture of grassland and wetland.

Waterland Outdoor Pursuits on Spratsgate Lane is currently lobbying the county council, which is responsible for the speed limit on Spratsgate Lane to reduce it to from 60mph to 30mph.

It has taken this action following the death of one Waterland’s sailing instructors as he turned into the centre for work in July.

The Standard joined forces with Waterland and launched a campaign that is asking that the speed limit is cut. Support for the campaign has come from several high profile figures, including Cotswold MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown.

Peter Pendlebury, a health and safety officer at Waterland said lorries from Moreton C Cullimore heading to and from the site would make Spratsgate Lane even more congested and treacherous and made a reduced speed limit imperative.

He said: “A licence for up to 46 visits from lorries a day would be in place, this is extra to the normal traffic and would be over Monday to Saturday morning, increasing congestion and danger.”

He said the county council had not applied for a reduction to 40mph as suggested by agents for the application David Jarvis Associates. To support our campaign, tell the council your views at gcchighways@amey.co.uk