TETBURY’S post office may move if the current postmistress gives up the job.

Post Office Limited, responsible for Tetbury Post Office in the town centre, announced this week that the postmistress wishes to step down and two businesses in the town are considering taking over.

If either business took over the post office services it is likely the post office would move to within the premises of the business taking over.

A spokesman for Post Office Limited, Sheila Tapster, said: “As far as we know the postmistress has expressed an interest to leave.

“There are two businesses interested in taking the post office over.

“At the moment it is more likely that it will relocate.”

Ms Tapster said that if the postmistress left, Post Office Limited would select one of the business for consideration and then hold a public consultation.

She said: “When someone expresses an interest to leave we open an opportunity for someone to take on the post office business.”