A FAIRFORD man has plans to get at least one person on every street in the town trained in CPR.

Town councillor Trevor Hing voiced his idea at the most recent council meeting, and the idea was met with support from other members.

The 63-year-old recently suffered cardiac arrest in the High Street and believes he is only here today thanks to the quick-thinking and the first aid skills of 25-year-old Beth Davies, who happened to be driving past.

"I had a long discussion with Rohit and Veronica Sethi and we have had the idea to be the first town of our size to get one person on every street trained in CPR," said Cllr Hing.

Doctors Rohit and Veronica also rushed to the scene when they saw Cllr Hing had collapsed in the street, and were there shortly before an ambulance arrived.

"If we can get this initiative off the ground it would be a huge boost for Fairford," added Cllr Hing, who said he is feeling remarkably better since the incident in June. "Is this something the council would support?"

Cllr Stephen Boulton asked what the cost of the scheme would be and Cllr Hing said this would have to be explored first.

"It sounds like a really cool idea," added Cllr Boulton.

The idea is still in its early stages and that the council has only given its agreement in principle. Cllr Hing must first present a plan for approval.